Bella Craze on the Runway During Black Fashion Week 2017

Miriam Cooper is a fashion designer and stylist. Her entrepreneurial savviest is on the  road to developing a posh, distinctive clothing line for girls, uniquely entitled, Bella Craze’. The originality and craft of the clothing can be defined as cutting-edge, but it’s her definition of classy. This Midwestern girl is by way of the windy city, Chicago, IL.

Traveling is one of Miriam’s favorite past times, it helps her develop concepts, and now to enhance the creativity of Bella Craze’. Traveling inspires Miriam and provides a focus. Navigating around the world certainly shaped her creative vision.

At the age of 15, she was fortunate enough to attend a high school that was structured into majors like college; there she was introduced to Fashion Design. After much encouragement to follow her true passion of being a designer, Miriam attended the University of Wyoming. There she majored in textiles and merchandising with a minor in apparel design.

After studying abroad in Italy, Miriam was inspired by their way of style and grace. Bella is the Italian origin of beautiful and Craze’ meaning wildly insane. Bella Craze’ is the epitome of a woman’s elegance and glow. It’s her strut, her confidence, and her way of life. It makes her look luxuriously expensive and comfortable all at the same time.

The Bella Craze’ Fall/Winter Collection was inspired during Miriam’s quest to find new, out of the ordinary fashion in Russia. This European way of fashion was always so simple, classy, and elegant.