Women’s History Month Chicago Designer Spotlight: The Talented Miriam Cooper

Courtesy of designer Miriam Cooper Bella Craze

     Have you heard of Bella Craze designs? Well it’s the chic creation of Chicago’s own Miriam Cooper, the Italian-inspired brand that captivates the spirit of Italian style. A love letter to Miriam’s journeys through Italy, where she became inspired by Italian culture and language, Bella Craze effortlessly rolls off-the-tongue idea and embodies the very essence of femininity. 

     Garnered for a woman who is elegant and adventurous, Bella Craze presents a diverse array of garments for every occasion. Her dainty and figure-accentuating designs from sizes XS to 3X, were crafted to empower every woman with beauty and confidence. Garnering acclaim from our own  Black Fashion Week runway and the renowned New York Fashion Week, Bella Craze lives as a testament to Miriam’s impeccable skill and expertise.

     Embark on a journey through Bella Craze’s versatile collection, from swimwear to casual wear, and evening attire, with bridal wear as the next stop of her brand’s journey.  You can visit Miriam’s inviting storefront at Chicago’s Bridgeport Arts Center and immerse yourself in her captivating designs as she continues to redefine style and inspire women everywhere through Bella Craze. Through God’s guidance and Miriam’s determination, Bella Craze is a brand that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Courtesy of designer Miriam Cooper Bella Craze

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All photos courtesy of designer Miriam Cooper Bella Craze

Check out Miriam on our runway in 2017: https://blackfashionweekusa.com/bella-craze/