Pacome on the Runway During Black Fashion Week 2019

Black Fashion Week 2019


My name is Patricia Ghonda-Zola. I am a Congolese-American fashion designer. I have a background in IT however I found my way back into fashion after I became a mother. I started crocheting as a child with my maternal grandmother. I was so drawn into the craft that I would hide in my mother’s sewing studio. One day, she found me under her sewing table and told me “if you want to continue crocheting here, you have to earn your studio time by cutting threats”. My mother who is a designer by trade became my teacher and the rest is history. Today, I am an owner of “Anzhelika Crochet” a children’s line and my new line “Pacôme Couture” named after my late sister focuses on women and men.

Patricia Ghonda-Zola,

Owner & Designer

Social: @anzhelikacrochet