Let Freedom Ring! Juneteenth Merch That Will Usher in the Holiday

Via: Black Fashion Week https://blackfashionweekusa.com/shop/

     What comes to mind when you think of what represents Juneteenth? Maybe it’s the colors? Or perhaps the declaration of freedom and liberation? Does the thought of the holiday relish you into the culture of Black Americans; the plight, struggle, and history? If we were playing for points, I’m sure the number of correct answers would be endless. But beyond associations with the holiday, Juneteenth is a quintessential recess for black people in America. While many people suppose that the freedom of the slaves came with the emancipation proclamation, that is simply not the truth. At least not entirely. “Juneteenth” is named in tandem for June 19th, 1865 nearly three years after the Emancipation Proclamation, on one fateful day when Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, and announced the end of slavery for the last of the enslaved people in America.

     Fast forward, nearly 200 years later, we celebrate Juneteenth as the day that black people were officially liberated from enslavement by celebrating with cooking outs, dancing, just having a good ole “black time”, and wearing various colors that represent the statues of the holiday. Red, black, and green.

     – Red for sacrifice and the bloodshed of our ancestors.

     – Black for black people; the richness of both our melanin and the deepness of our culture,

     – Green for the natural wealth of the Motherland (Africa).

     These colors also align with the principles of Pan-Africanism, a movement advocating for the return to African roots and the rejection of Western ideals. Juneteenth and Pan-Africanism both honor the history and struggles of Black Americans.

     Celebrate Juneteenth by checking out merchandise that commemorates, honors, and advocates for the richness of this holiday. There’s no better way to let freedom ring than by supporting Black Fashion Week USA with a purchase or two.

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