CRU Unlimited


CRU Unlimited started in Dallas Texas in 2019. Mom Stacy; a former Corporate Executive and daughter Olivia; a Fashion Model together with Entrepreneurial spirit’s, integrated our worlds to create a business.

After years of searching ideas to create something unique, we decided to incorporate our passion for people and came up with our initial design that would cater to many cultures and styles. 

As natives of Kansas City, Missouri, we understand the need to stay warm and the desire to look good during the winter. Together we created a comfortable winter accessory that is appealing to men and women. A high-quality hat, well designed, hand stitched with a built-in durable adjustable band at the crown that accommodates all kinks, curls, locs, and all other hair types. This unique hat provides versatility allowing you 4 trendy color combinations with the purchase of 1 hat. 

CRU derives from the French term CROITRE which symbolizes quality and growth.   We hold these as our core values, bringing you products that appeal to all ages. At CRU Unlimited we believe ourselves to be more than just a brand.  Our goal is to provide accessories that not only enhance your lifestyle, it allows you to be stylish in the process.

Get with the Fashion.  Get with the Style.  Get with the CRU.

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