Berny Martin is the fashion wiz behind his line “Catou” a nickname of  his grandmother whom he decided to launch his company after. A sophisticated and confident woman, it was she who helped to raise him  and inspired him to follow his passion for design.

He has  his Fashion Accreditation from  FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology)  in New York and travels frequently between, Chicago, New York, Indianapolis and Paris to name a few places where his international brand is featured.  His Fashion focus has always been to create sophisticated, well-designed, interesting casual and business wear for men and women; clothing focused on fit.

His Fashion blurb reads a little like this is :

“My feeling is that clothes can absolutely “make the man” or woman. Exquisitely tailored clothing speaks volumes about the confidence and style of the wearer. Proper fit is everything

‘At Catou, I choose high quality fabrics from all over the world. The cloth is as likely to have come from Mozambique as Ireland.

‘My special touches include my signature Catou back collar stripe, contrasting fabric cuffs, or peek-a-boo backs on suit jackets.