Brick Malone on the Runway During Black Fashion Week 2017

Brick Malone is a women’s custom and ready- to-wear designer brand based in Chicago, Illinois.

Brick Malone, caters to the confident woman; which represents the brands dedication to personal service, custom fit, beautiful fashion and a spectacular look with a style that will complement her character and personality.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Brick was greatly influenced by very creative family members who were seamstresses, knitters and milliners that would make things for her. Being excited to have something made just for her convinced her to design. Brick Malone likes to pass along that excitement by allowing each individual to have a custom-made experience at a fraction of the cost.

Ms. Malone says, “It’s exciting to see a garment I have created come to life through the personality of the wearer. Besides, a woman’s life is not complete without fashion…myself included”

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