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 Jermikko  is  Chicago’s First African American Fashion Designer and Manufacture whose designs have sold in over 679 Stores nationally and internationally and costumers for several television series and acclaimed movies. She discovered a  second talent and passion through her  gift of Invention.  Recently,she saw a need and a void while wearing a mask in allowing the people of the world to drink, eat, breath and communicate,  run walk, bike etc. easier and without the necessity of having to remove their Mask. She decided to  to invent and file a pent for what is now called the  JERMIKKO UNZIP EASY DRINK ‘N’ EAT FACE MASK.  The  Mask allows for comfort and safety for all daily functions without removing,  it . The mask is a great product for people with breathing challenges in that the mask allows you to unzip in a safe place for natural air.

The mask  is washable and reusable made of 100% Antimicrobial treated cotton, making the mask 95% safe. The JERMIKKO UNZIP EASY DRINK ‘N’ EAT FACE MASK is made with 2 layers of cotton and an inside filler.

This maks is set to DISRUPT the clothe face mask industry with it innovation and fit for today’s lifestyle. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THE JERMIKKO UNZIP MA 




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