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Chicago 2017 Designers

CJ Designs

  Cynthia J. Robinson is the owner and designer of Cynthia J Designs. She’s had a love for fashion from a young age, making clothes for her paper dolls then later for her friends. Later she became a sample maker for Joyce Sportswear, a major manufacturing company... read more

Knotty Loop Creations

  Black Fashion Week USA  Welcomes Knotty Loop Creations by Mona Muhammad to the runway in Chicago on Sunday February 26th, 2017 Mona Muhammad aka Ms. KnottyLoop says “Don’t believe the hype….this ain’t your Grandmothers crochet”.  – Mona considers her designs to... read more

Antoinette Marie

Antoinette Marie                      A Designer For The Sophisticated Woman Fashion Designer Antoinette M. Stone works closely with women to create a complete classic look. For more than a decade, Antoinette has brought her passion and experience to women looking for... read more

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