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Flash Back Runway Featuring Kids Designer Patricia Ghonda-Zola

Meet Kids Clothing Designer Patricia Ghonda-Zola founder of the brand Anzhelika Crochet. Crocheting first started as a hobby, something that the designer  Patricia Ghonda-Zola shared with her grandmother as a little girl. Patricia, started out making baby blankets then progressed to hats and booties for any baby around her. She recalls carrying her crochet hooks and yarns in her little purses just so she could crochet wherever she was going.“It didn’t matter where. I remember hiding in my mother’s fashion studio just to crochet” quoted Patricia.

As years went on, she decided to create a business with exceptional quality, cutest design, modern look and affordable prices in mind. Clothes to help cherish each baby moments, from baby shower, the arrival of a newborn, toddler years and beyond.In early 2010 after numerous debates for the name, she decided to go with “ANZHELIKA”. “My grandmother’s first name which means “Angel” and that was the birth of ‘ANZHELIKA CROCHET’” Patricia says.

Today, she makes various handmade children crochet and sewn apparel as well as accessories for the whole family. You can connect with her via Facebook @anzhelikacrochet and her websites:  http://www.anzhelikacrochet.com/https://www.etsy.com/shop/anzhelikacrochet

Check out the Flash Back Runway Featuring Anzeklia Crochet  as seen During the Black Fashion Week|USA second annual Kids Fashion Show.




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