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Don’t Miss The Second Annual Girls Entreprenuer Expo 2017

Don’t Miss The Girls Entrepreneur Expo taking  place at the end of month Oct 28th 2017

Hey Hey Fashionista’s Grab your little ones, boys and girls for this uplifting second annual Girls Entrepreneur Expo featuring over 40 plus girl business owners from around the Chicagoland as they gather to showcase their businesses and talents on Saturday Oct, 28, 2017 at the The Salvation Army Adele and Robert Stern Red Shield Center
945 West 69th Street  Chicago, IL 60621

Supporting our youth could not get any better than this. Enjoy Fashion, Speakers and More. Oh did we mention its a free event. Can’t beat that.  The Children are the Future. Here’s a little more details about the founder and the event.


Meet The Founder Deola Gaiter

 Deola Gaiter is a native of Chicago, and current owner of her own skin care product for young girls “Skin So Sweet” launched in 2015 to help inspire confidence and help promote young ladies to live life with passion.  As a certified parent trainer and having worked with young girls since 2011,Deola has made a tremendous impact in the lives of the girls who have come through her mentoring organization “Flowers in Bloom Project” which has positively taught girls about their self-worth and value. Under her organization, she has been able to create project initiatives such as her “Undies for Girlies” in which she donated new undergarments to 100 adolescent girls in need. Passionate about helping youth overcome the downfalls of having low self-esteem, Deola focuses her attention on helping young girls realize their talents and full potential as future business owners by creating environments in which they can develop, network, encourage each other and have fun.

Girls Entrepreneur Expo 2017

The  “Girls Entrepreneur Expo “is an extension of the many types of self-esteem boosting events for young ladies that Deola enjoys hosting .The upcoming four hr event will feature girl entrepreneurs who are excited to showcase and provide real products and services that they will offer to their families,peers and local consumers while gaining valuable resources from the support of adult entrepreneurs. The expo will feature several young girl vendors in fashion, food, art,  book authors and much more.

Check out the profiles of  a few Girl Fashionista’s who will promoting their businesses

Kayla Perkins

Kayla Perkins who will be showcasing for the second year at the expo


Ydalia Newsom

Ydalia is  the 17 year old  creator of  her fashion brand the Kupkake’s Collection.
She is a senior at Westinghouse College Prep and has been an entrepreneur since she was  9 years old.She specializes in one of a kind designs, where  she personalizes or blings anything from clothing to shoes. She also creates lip glosses, ,  sells homemade clothing and accessories such as tutus and fur accessories.  She’s best know for  customizing just about anything to exhibit your unique character.


Asia Simone Kennard

Asia Simone Kennard was born March 20, 2006. At an early age Asia’s parents taught her the importance of being herself no matter what others said or thought of her. Asia has been on the high honor roll since the age of 5. Asia’s parents instilled in her “if you think it you can achieve it!” Asia is currently 11 years old in the 6th grade. At the age of 8 Asia was inspired by her mother becoming an entrepreneur and creating her own business. Asia wanted to do something that inspired other kids so she came up with a concept for her own t-shirt Line “Royal Kool Kids”.

Royal Kool Kids was created for children of every color to help build confidence, self esteem and as reminder that they all are smart, kool and royal. Asia was instrumental in coming up with her own logo, colors and the meaning behind RKK.  On March 20, 2017 Asia  launched her own natural lip gloss line “Prefect Lips”.

Asia is currently still working on the lip gloss so that it to can be Prefect for all princesses over the world, which she may have some for purchase at the event. Asia wanted children all over the world to shine and wear their crowns daily.

Black is Gold Organization 

This organization was created by teens Amber Anderson, Lailah Walker, and Jillian Shogunie.

Check out last year’s Video and get connected

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