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Brown Girls Strut Their Walk During Latino Fashion Week

This past weekend, I attended Latino Fashion Week. The show featured 3 international designers; Paulina Luna from Guadalajara, The Minc Sisters From  Argentina and Carlos De Moya  from the Dominincan Republic .The event was spectacular with  a host of local businesses, media, photographers and enthusiastic fashion lovers.  One thing I noticed immediately was the high level of  diversity that was showcased on the runway  with a great representation of   Latino, Asian, Caucasian and Brown Girls( Black Models) on the Runway. I  actually managed to spot a few brown girls coming down the runway wearing some of the most gorgeous, luxurious, colorful fashions through out  the show  thanks to my good photographer friend  Darel White  of Darel white Photography.  This show was not doubt one of the best runways this year in Chicago, depicting diversity and people uniting together  for a cause to celebrate the cultural Aesthetics of their heritage and support local and national  charity campaigns such as reliefs for both hurricane Irma and Maria that impacted parts of Puerto Rico. Thumbs up to Latino Fashion Week for continuing to showcase great fashion in the Windy City and a taste of diversity on the runway giving brown girls opportunity to strut their walk. you can check out Latino Fashion Week out online at https://www.latinofashionwk.com/


Written by Melody B. Stanford


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